Mama, I See You – Hardcover

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The special relationship between a mother and her child is like no other.

This beautifully written and illustrated story highlights the deep bond between a mother and her child and the attuned connection created.

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Mama, I See You is an endearing picture book that celebrates the profound bond and timeless love between a child and their mother. The heartfelt tale, captures special and sweet moments where a little one finds solace in a mother’s arms, knowing that every unspoken need will be met with a loving touch.

With vibrant and endearing illustrations, the book invites readers on a delightful journey of discovery and appreciation. Through tender moments, it captures the essence of a child recognising the love, care, and magic that their mother brings into their world.

This heartwarming picture book celebrates the special connection between parent and child, offering a gentle reminder that love is woven into the simple, everyday moments.

8.5″ x 8.5″

32 pages

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5 reviews for Mama, I See You – Hardcover

  1. Emilie

    Such a sweet story about the very special Mum/Baby bond – a beautiful gift for any mother

  2. Amber K. (verified owner)

    What a lovely book. Beautifully captures a very special time between mum and baby.

  3. Meli

    Amazon Review
    This is a lovely story about the precious bond between mother and child, written from the child’s point of view. The child’s point of view adds an interesting and emotional aspect to the narrative. Simple but powerful. The illustrations are cute too.

  4. Lisa

    Amazon Review
    This is a gorgeously written and illustrated story about a mum and her baby. The journey they go on and how baby notices mum. It is so heartwarming!

  5. Amazon Review

    Sweet story about the trust and love a baby has for his mother. Beautiful illustrations too.

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