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Don’t Go is a tender narrative of a child navigating the mystery of separation for the first time. Guided by his mother, Joey feels at ease in her presence; his emotions are embraced and understood. Their unbreakable bond eases his discomfort at her departure, for he trusts and knows that she will return.

A beautifully straightforward narrative with easy-to-follow language matches with detailed and expressive illustrations. The story captures the difficulties of separation anxiety while showing young readers they don’t need to worry as mother/child love is an unbreakable connection, and they are still connected when apart.

Don’t Go invites conversations with young children about emotions and fears and assists in learning about emotional awareness. Don’t Go emerges as a beacon, illuminating the shadows of little hearts yearning for a cherished figure, particularly a mother.

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36 pages

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3 reviews for Joey’s Adventures: Don’t Go – Hardcover

  1. Amazon Review

    A beautifully written book with an important message about supporting young ones with separation anxiety – this really resonated with my family as my son is very attached to me and often finds it hard being away from me – this book will be a great tool for us to help build positive conversations around this topic.

  2. Goodreads Review

    DON’T GO is a book about feelings and worries children have when they miss someone of great importance, especially moms.
    Everyone knows how stressful it is to see an upset child.
    Everyone knows that it is natural for a toddler to experience anxiety because it is common – it is a stage of development.
    Joey could be a poster child for kids who experience SAD and the author/illustrator team addresses well what separation anxiety means for both sides.
    The author captures Joey’s fear that mummy is out of sight.
    Shana Roberts also tells young readers not to worry as mother/child love is an unbreakable connection and they are still connected when apart.
    The narrative is simple but can teach children to learn more emotional awareness.
    The words chosen are easy to follow and understand.
    The illustrations are a perfect match for the story – they are simple but Joey’s facial expressions are so expressive that his tears almost jump out of the page…

  3. Goodreads Review

    My daughter loved the book. Good work.

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